Speckled Hen Inn

Wine List

Special Wines, for that Special Night in a Special Place

The Speckled Hen Inn is pleased to offer some very special, enticingly priced wines for your enjoyment during your stay.

Choose your wine from the list below and it will be delivered to your door at the proper serving temperature and with the appropriate stemware.  We think that there is no more perfect way to spend an evening than relaxing with a bit of wine, some special tunes, and someone dear.

Our wines are sold by the bottle.   It is also legal in Wisconsin for us to re-cork any wine remaining in your bottle so that you may take it home with you. All wine purchases are subject to Wisconsin sales tax.



Wollersheim Winery Wisconsin Sunburst Prairie red.  $14/Bottle

14 Hands Columbia Valley Merlot.  $16/Bottle

Drumheller Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.  $16/Bottle

Drumlin Ridge California Cabernet Sauvignon.  $25/Bottle



Wollersheim Winery Wisconsin Seyval Prairie Fume semi-dry white.  $12/Bottle  $4/Mini Bottle (1 glass)

Sebastiani Chardonnay California Chardonnay. $18/Bottle

Drumlin Ridge Sweet Brianna $18/Bottle

Francis F Coppola California Chardonnay $6/Can (2 glasses)



Lunetta Prosecco  (Brut) Italy Cavit.   $15/Bottle

Bricco Riella (Sweet) Moscato D’Asti – $15/Bottle