Speckled Hen Inn

I love my job!

This a is little different than my usual blog posts. 

A telemarketer phoned while I was cleaning up after breakfast today.  I’m sure that he had, what he thought, was an original line.  It went something like this, ” If I could give you information that would allow you earn enough money to stop doing what you are doing now, would you take a minute to write down a web address?”  My immediate response, without even thinking about it was, “NO”.  He wished me “good luck” and hung up. 

I was thinking about his pitch while I was drying the crystal and reflecting on the life of an innkeeper.  This really is a great job.  We meet the nicest people as our guests, from near and far, far away.  We get to do the things we like to do such as cooking and gardening and decorating.  We get to show off this great city that we live in.  We are constantly learning new things whether it is how to install tile or write a blog.  When we need a break we can take one.  Guests sometimes ask if we are uncomfortable with having “strangers” in our home.  The answer is a very resounding NO.  Our guests validate what we do.  If we had done all this work and put so much effort into creating The Speckled Hen Inn and did not share it with our guests, we surely wouldn’t enjoy it as much.

So, I wasn’t just  giving the brush to the telemarketer this morning.  I wouldn’t want to stop doing what I am doing right now.  We hope that our passion shows.  I’m sure that it does.

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