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Infusion Chocolates are Here!

The Speckled Hen Inn has partnered with Infusion Chocolates of Madison to bring you the most luscious, hand painted edible fine art you’ll find anywhere.  These beautiful chocolate truffels promise to woo even the most discriminating palette and are now available in our Romance Package which is accompanied by a bottle of chilled sparkling bubbly!   Ann Culligan, proprietor of Infusion Chocolates of Madison, and Chocolatier Extraordinaire, chooses the chocolates for each box of 4 included in the Romance Package, but if you give us a week’s notice, we’ll let you choose your own and add on more if you like for an additional charge.  Scroll down for their complete menu!


Caribbean Fire

70% Ecuadorian dark chocolate surrounds a fiery center of ancho and chipotle peppers, nutmeg, allspice and jerk seasoning blended into 65% dark chocolate

Cashew Carmel

A delicate balance of house-roasted cashews and luscious caramel are enrobed in 42% milk chocolate and garnished with Fleur de Sel

Cocoa Nib

Our darkest flavored truffle is made with pure, smooth 65% Venezuelan dark chocolate and studded with roasted cocoa nibs

Espresso Fusion

Locally roasted espresso, dark Muscovado sugar and a hint of vanilla infused into a 65% dark chocolate ganache

Exotic Caramel

Our trademark piece – tropical passion fruit and mango purees are blended into a smooth liquid caramel, encased in a 42% milk chocolate shell

Fig & Fennel

House-made fig jam infused with savory fennel, atop a bed of 65% Tasmanian leatherwood honey ganache, wrapped in a 70% dark chocolate shell

Strawberry Passion

65% Venezuelan dark chocolate is infused with fresh strawberry, bright passion fruit and tropical Tasmanian leatherwood honey


Fresh raspberry notes and Framboise liqueur flavor our 65% dark chocolate ganache in this classic French truffle

Fromage de Bleu

Hook’s blue cheese, hints of pear and fig balsamic vinegar are infused into a 49% milk chocolate ganache, garnished with toasted nuts

Honey Lavender

Wildflower honey and French lavender flavor a 64% dark chocolate center, encased in 42% milk chocolate and topped with a crystallized violet petal

Key Lime

65% dark chocolate ganache dotted with the tropical tartness of fresh key lime, encased in a bittersweet shell

Kentucky Bourbon

49% amber milk chocolate infused with distinctively smooth Maker’s Mark bourbon whiskey

Pistachio Ganache

Silky pistachio a crème and Dumante Verdenoce pistachio liqueur add pure luxury to this 38% milk chocolate center, encased in a delicate milk chocolate shell

The Old Fashioned

House-made cherry jam, with a hint of orange and aromatic bitters, layered over a 49% milk chocolate and Korbel brandy ganache

Passion Fruit-Vanilla

A blend of 38% and 49% milk chocolate blends seamlessly with fresh passion fruit puree, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans and Malibu rum


Pomegranate molasses and earthy Malbec wine are complimented by 65% dark chocolate, achieving the perfect balance of sweet and tart


House-made raspberry jam infused with the gentle heat of chipotle pepper, layered over a 65% dark chocolate ganache, encased in a 70% bittersweet shell


Potter’s Hazelnut Graham bits are immersed in creamy milk chocolate, topped with fluffy marshmallow and encased in a 70% dark chocolate shell

Smoked Salted Caramel

Soft, dark caramel is infused with Madagascar vanilla and smoked alder salt. Wrapped in 70% Ecuadorian dark chocolate

Szechuan Peppercorn

Floral and slightly numbing Szechuan peppercorns are infused into a 65% dark chocolate ganache, wrapped in 70% bittersweet chocolate

Tahitian Vanilla

White chocolate ganache, infused with rare and exquisite Tahitian vanilla beans, enveloped in creamy 36% white chocolate

Thai Peanut Butter

House-made peanut butter blended with sweet and savory Thai spices of curry, chilies and ginger in a 42% milk chocolate shell


Locally roasted espresso infused into a 65% dark chocolate ganache, layered atop a bed of mascarpone crème, wrapped in 42% milk chocolate

Vanilla Crème Brûlée

Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans infused into crème ganache, layered with a classic brûlée crunch and encased in 70% dark chocolate

Seasonally Available

Coconut Rum

Finely grated coconut and Malibu rum folded into a 36% white chocolate center, enrobed in 70% dark chocolate.

Bananas Flambé

Ripe bananas caramelized and flambéed with dark rum, blended into a smooth 38% milk chocolate ganache

Chai Ganache

Organic masala chai tea and earthy buckwheat honey infused into a blend of 38% and 49% milk chocolates, garnished with candied orange peel

Caramel Apple

Lightly spiced Ela Orchard cider folded into a sweet caramel – encased in 38% milk chocolate

Cinnamon Cappuccino

Ceylon cinnamon crème frosted over 65% espresso ganache, encased in 70% dark chocolate


Just like Grandma’s cookies…spicy ginger ganache with a demerara sugar snap, in 42% milk chocolate

Hazelnut Praline

Caramelized hazelnuts and house-made gianduja form this light and airy praline, wrapped in 42% milk chocolate


Herbal peppermint is infused into a 65% bittersweet ganache and draped in 70% dark chocolate…the perfect holiday treat!

Pumpkin Pie

Real pumpkin blended with dark muscovado sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon, folded into 38% milk chocolate

Smoked Bacon

Nueske’s applewood smoked bacon and Kickapoo Gold organic maple syrup combine with 49% amber milk chocolate for a unique Wisconsin treat

Strawberry Colada

House-made strawberry jam infused with Malibu rum layered atop coconut crème and encased in a 70% dark chocolate shell


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