Speckled Hen Inn

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Mexican Hot Chocolate Creme from The Speckled Hen Inn

Mexican Hot Chocolate Creme recipe from The Speckled Hen Inn Bed and Breakfast in Madison  3 Egg Yolks ½ cup sugar 2 Cakes of Ibarra Mexican Chocolate chopped into pieces. 1 Cup of Whipping Cream 1 Cup of Milk  In a medium saucepan whisk together the yolks and sugar.  Add cream and milk and begin cooking over medium low heat whisking constantly.  As the milk begins to warm add in the chopped chocolate and continue cooking and stirring until chocolate has melted and the mixture thickens to the consistency of thick cream.  Serve warm topped with whipped cream and shaved chocolate or cinnamon sugar.  Serves 8 – 10 (demitasse cups). _______________________________________________________________________ The source of warmth in the winter, conversations shared
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