The Lambs are HERE!

The Lambs are HERE! 1THE LAMBS HAVE BEEN BORN!  If you are with us in May and June you can even bottle feed Bucky!

For all our repeat guests, Buster is well known.  He’s the lamb that was bottle fed (by many of our guests!) and now he thinks he’s a dog – in fact, I guess he is our Sheep Dog.

Licorice had twins but rejected the second one who was smaller than our cat at birth!  But no worries – Bucky is being bottle fed and enjoying all the attention and here he is with Buster who is going to be a very good big brother!   Cocoa and Lucy both had twins and Agnes had triplets so we have a total of 9 lambs frolicking in the pasture now!   Lilly, our sweet llama who is the flock’s protector and lamb nanny, is doing a great job with all the new babies!  Book a stay soon and make some memories!