Wine in a Can?

Wine in a Can? 1When you mention wine in a can to people it can create some interesting facial expressions and when our wine broker introduced the various choices, I have to admit I was hesitant.  But after trying it, I was really surprised and thought maybe it would be something new and fun to try at The Speckled Hen Inn!   While we had some choices, we finally settled on Francis F. Coppola California Vineyards Chardonnay – mostly because of the quality and taste – especially for the price.   Some of our guests would like to have wine but can’t drink a whole bottle so a smaller quantity of wine in a can that provides 2 glasses was a nice compromise.  And if it catches on, you’ll be seeing more variety the next time you visit!  When you reserve your next stay, think about adding on a Wisconsin Cheese Platter or a Romance Package with your favorite wine – we have many to choose from on our wine list!