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Where to Celebrate an Anniversary in Madison WI

January 17th, 2014 by Pat Fischbeck

Bubbly and fireplaceAre you wondering where to celebrate an Anniversary in Madison, WI?  I have an idea for you.

Yes, by all means, do the traditional celebration dinner at your favorite special occasion restaurant in Madison Wisconsin (we will be happy to suggest one, if you don’t have a favorite).  Then bring the love of your life to The Speckled Hen Inn Bed and Breakfast for a special Anniversary Getaway evening.  Select one of the guest rooms with a king-sized bed dressed with soft fine linens, a romantic fireplace, and a relaxing jetted tub.  The intimate setting of the Inn allows you to experience a romantic escape without the required time and hassles of travel.  And you can actually celebrate on the date of your Anniversary rather than waiting for a weekend to get away.  The Inn is located just outside the city of Madison on 50 acres of woodlands, wetlands, and gardens surrounding the Inn.  Awake after a refreshing sleep to a magnificent breakfast expertly prepared just for the two of you featuring items from the Inns’ gardens and other local producers.  We will be happy to accommodate any special dietary needs.

Mention that you read this posting when you make your reservation and you will find a well chilled bottle of bubbly waiting in your room when you arrive for your special evening.  Flowers, chocolates, and other goodies are available upon request and for a minimal additional charge.  Just give us a call (608-244-9368) to discuss the ways that we can make your upcoming Anniversary Celebration truly unique and special.

Another Concert on the Square season begins next week

June 17th, 2009 by Pat Fischbeck

It is that wonderful time of year in Madison.  Summer!  Time to celebrate with family and friends in ways that become a tradition.  A very special summertime tradition in Madison is the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra’s Concert on the Square series.  For 5 Wednesday evenings, starting June 24, the orchestra performs on the steps of the Wisconsin State Capitol building in front of a huge crowd of fun and music loving fans.  Concert goers arrive early, around 5:00PM or a bit later to spread their colorful blankets on the green capitol lawn. 

Reserve your space on the Capitol lawn.

Reserve your space on the Capitol lawn.

 The concert won’t begin until 7:00 so there is time to do a little shopping or just walking around the downtown area.  Some bring games or a good book to pass the time until the crowd has gathered, dined on the available box suppers or well packed picnic baskets, chatted with friends they haven’t seen for ages, and just basically soaked up the sights and sounds of a summer evening.  Then the concert begins.  The music tends toward the light classical.  You can hear it even if your blanket space is not right in front of the orchestra.  Little boys pretend to be the conductor.  Little girls twirl with bubble wands in their tiny hands.  Lovers hold hands.  Grandmas cuddle their grandbabies.  Stressed out workers kick off their high heels and loosen their ties. Those who know the music close their eyes and sway slightly with the melody.  Wine glasses are lifted and all is well in Madison.

Happy folks at the Concert on the Square

Happy folks at the Concert on the Square