Find what is real and important in life.

Find what is real and important in life. 1

Every now and then I need to be grounded, to find what is real and important in life. In a time of controversy and divergence, it is easy to view the world as a conflicted web of despair especially if you concentrate on the negatives that life can sometimes bring. When there are struggles, sometimes it’s important to just get away. Stop, rest, refresh. When we are rested it is easier to refocus our energy on gratitude instead of our problems because there is so much to be grateful for. When we bought the inn a year ago, it was a place that offered us that rest. Not in the physical sense, because running an inn on a property this size is a lot of work! But every day, we get to enjoy the peaceful tranquility that surrounds us in our animals, wildlife, gardens, orchards, and the place we call home. The beauty here still takes my breath away and sharing it with others is a real blessing.


To come to many of these personal realizations, it’s helpful to take time for reflection. Many couples have found the simplicity of the Speckled Hen Inn  and its natural landscape a welcomed retreat from urban life. The solace and awe of nature can be an essential component to restoring radiance back into our life. It reminds me of the blessings this world has afforded me. For that, I am thankful.